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Mother's Touch creates blends of essential oils with healing properties for babies, used as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Mothers Touch essential oils

Preventative Step Colic Calmer Earache Ease Fever Reliever Mucous Mover Quiet Time
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Preventative Step, $10.

baby foot rub

The essential oils in this blend have been found through research to have properties that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This blend can be used daily to prevent sickness, when there is concern of exposure to antigens or during illness.

Directions for use: Simply rub the oil on the bottoms of the feet once a day for prevention or 4 times a day if your child's not feeling well.

Contains: Organic Garlic infused organic sesame oil, Organic essential oils of Melissa, Tea tree, Ravensare, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Bergamont.

"I find it exceptional to be able to count on one product for my child's health and well-being. Thank you for lightening my load!" -Eliza Harris

Colic Calmer, $10.

The essential oils in this blend have properties that relieve gas pain and enhance proper digestive function. [Note not all diagnosed colic is caused by gas.] This blend is for all kinds of tummy aches!

baby tummy rub

Directions for use: Message in to the whole belly area gently in a clockwise circle, as often as needed.

Contains: Organic essential oils of Melissa, Chamomile and Fennel in a base of organic sesame oil, castor oil and Rescue remedy.

Useful information in conjunction with product:
It seems that there are two types of colic one in more of a sensory overload than an actual digestive problem. One type is soothed with a dominating noise like a vacuum or washing machine, which drowns out all other sounds.

Colic Calmer is more specifically for digestive related colic. Applying a warm cloth over the tummy after rubbing the oil in a clockwise gentle messaging motion is suggested. Baby's ability to digest formula or mothers milk is most important. Too much raw food, dry food (granola, crackers, toast etc.) and cold foods can cause milk that produces gas. Eating meats, and cold, old dairy can produce milk that too rich and hard to digest. Garlic, onions and the braccicas (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli) can also be problematic.

It's tricky, I know. Eat warm, nourishing and easy to digest foods (grains, cooked veggies, fruits and well soaked/cooked beans). Cooking with digestive spices such and cumin, coriander, fennel, dill, ginger and turmeric will be very helpful as well.


Earache Ease, $10.

Ear Ease contains essential oils that are documented to be analgesic. It is use to relieve the extreme pain so that your child can function or rest. This blend is to be used in conjunction with other natural remedies (such as PREVENTIVE STEP) to rid the body of infection by boosting your child's natural immunity.

(download our brochure, or call for consultation).

earache ease

Directions for use: Rub a small amount of Ear Ease behind the ear along the curve of the jaw and down the side of the neck. Use as often as needed. (Follow suggestions on brochure page. See photo.)

Contains: Organic essential oils of Wintergreen and Rosemary in a base of organic Sesame oil and Rescue remedy.

Useful information in conjunction with product:
Baby's ears should always be protected from wind, cold and loud noises. Remember to use a hat that covers the ears or cotton balls in them. Lay baby's neck down on a towel covered hot water bottle when sleeping to allow for the tubes of the inner ear to relax and drain.

While nursing or bottle-feeding keep baby in as vertical a position as possible to prevent any mucous build up in the inner ear. Avoid the use of antibiotics for earaches as the cold condition of this medicine sets baby up for a recurring problem and compromises it's own immunity.


Fever Reliever, $10.

A blend of essential oils with cooling properties, used as an alternative to pharmaceuticals it will reduce a dangerously high fever when rubbed on feet or bathed in.

Directions: For dangerously high fevers rub on bottoms of the feet, add 1 TBS to a temped bath or bowl of H2O for a wash cloth rub down.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of organic essential oils of chamomile blue & gold, lavender, yarrow, tea tree & sunflower oil.

Use with Preventive Step.


Mucous Mover for coughs $10.

A blend of essential oils in mustard oil which will expel mucous from the lungs when rubbed on the chest, back, and feet, to make the cough more productive.

Directions: Lovingly message oil into chest, upper back and feet 3-5 times daily. _ Tsp can also be added to bowl of boiled H2O for inhalation.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of organic essential oils of eucalyptus, myrtle, bay and mustard oil

Use with Preventive Step.


Quiet Time sleep aid, $10.

A blend of essential oils which have a sedating and calming effect on the system. It will help Baby (and Mom) to relax and sleep when regularly rubbed on the feet or put in the bath before bed.

Directions: Lovingly mssage on feet &/or add 1TBS to warm bath before sleep time.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of organic essential oils of lavender, chamomile and spikenard in sesame oil.


Gift package includes 4 formulations held by a little doll. $35.

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(download our brochure as a PDF file)

Coughs can be wet or dry. Mucous Mover rubbed on the chest and back oftern loosens stuck mucous and should be used with Preventive Step to support the immune system. It is wise to avoid dairy, sugar and cold foods if your child is eating solids. A humidifier with eucalyptus essential oil added, on while the child sleeps will help. If your baby drinks water make a tea of fenugreek seed (1tsp to 1 cup water) simmered for 10 minutes in a covered pot. Either spoon or bottle feed. Warm fluids are always better than cool for optimal health.

Having a baby who resists sleep is a definite challenge. If you breast feed, caffeine of any kind including chocolate and sugar, can aggravate the problem. Travel and exposure to electronics is stimulating for many babies as well. Creating a routine such as a bath or message with Nite Nite oil before bed along with having a set schedule for naps and bed time can eventually turn things around. Studies show that children up to 4 years old are healthiest with 14 to 18 hours of sleep a day.

Natural healing systems believe fevers are a natural defense mechanism of the body to fight off infections and can strengthen the child’s immunity if left to “run its course”.

Be sure not to over dress or use warm covers on a feverish child. Again, often use of Preventive Step rubbed on the bottoms of the feet will support their body in fighting the sickness. However there are times when bringing a fever down is best. For infants with a fever of 103 degrees or more (101 degrees plus in children), which burn steady for 24 hours use Fever Reliever and consult a physician. Same with symptom of hallucinations, lack of response or if seizure occur. Herbal teas and temped baths of catnip, peppermint and elder flower have been traditionally used to break a sweat and reduce the fever.

Your intuition is important in making the best decision on how far to let a fever go. Remember to stay calm.

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